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‘Carry on Padre’ is the inside story of a young man’s journey through National Service in Apartheid South Africa. This memoir reveals the doubts, fears and uncertainties that were all too common for many in South Africa of that era – what was the right thing to do in the face of legislated prejudice? By doing National Service, did you condone official policies you opposed? How did you reconcile a liberal and race-unconscious upbringing with the general racist philosophy of the country’s military?

This enthralling book of 192 pages is all about the admirable Pierre van Blommestein and those people he was exposed to and what he experienced in an extraordinary country called South Africa. He was a devoted citizen-son-soldier-chaplain-husband-father-friend who lived in a land enduring continued political strife and war.

Thank you, Pierre van Blommestein, for supporting us through those stormy times, when our anchors held strong and did not waver, and for sharing with us your unforgettable experience of military service in South Africa.

I still find myself under the impact of this book. It is exalting, gripping and truthful!
At South Africa’s call, you and your family and many of your fellow soldiers and friends did not falter. It was both an honour and privilege to write this review.
Major General Roland de Vries, former Deputy Chief of the South African Army.


Military memoirs by men of the cloth are generally rare, and with the exception of a few short first-hand accounts of chaplaincy in the South African Defence Force, extracted from theses and interviews, this is only the second autobiography by a SADF Chaplain, or Dominee, that this reviewer has read.
One could be forgiven for assuming that a chaplain’s war would be somewhat mundane and less glamorous or dangerous to experience than that of the more familiar combat soldier, but let me start by saying that, without exception, this is one of the very best personal accounts of military service in the SADF that I have been privileged to read. It is the story of a remarkable soldier, whose service and outlook on that service are as unusual and unique as any I have read previously, and filled with surprises throughout.

A gifted writer, the author has added a valuable and much needed perspective of life as a Chaplain in that great military machine from the 1980s and 1990s, and is to be congratulated on not only leaving a lasting legacy for his loved ones, but for the rest of us too, whether we shared his experience or not.
This autobiography can be described in two words – simply outstanding.
Very highly recommended.
Peter Chapman, SADF Veteran

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"exalting, gripping and truthful!" "Simply Outstanding"

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