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Carry On Padre CoverSouth Africa, a country devastated by the racial, social and economic policies of Apartheid, a nation torn by civil war. Every white male between the ages of eighteen and fifty-five is drafted. Irrespective of political persuasion or social conscience, they are thrown into the battle against the communist-backed forces of the African National Congress (ANC), which seeks political victory over the white regime through armed conflict.

‘Carry on Padre’ is the inside story of a young man’s journey through National Service in Apartheid South Africa. This memoir reveals the doubts, fears and uncertainties that were all too common for many in South Africa of that era – what was the right thing to do in the face of legislated prejudice? By doing National Service, did you condone official policies you opposed? How did you reconcile a liberal and race-unconscious upbringing with the general racist philosophy of the country’s military?

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  1. Andy Evans says:


    I was one of the sector 10 boys…i remember your sermon on swearing in the troops mess in Oshakati



    • Pierre the Author says:

      Hi Andy,
      It is great to hear from one of the Oshakati guys after so many years. I am so pleased that you remember that sermon – it means I did a good job that day in getting your attention! Funny that you should remember that particular event, because it is one of the funny stories that I tell in my book.
      Please keep in touch and visit my site again. I will soon post details of how to get a copy of “Carry on Padre”.
      Take care,
      Pierre (The Padre)

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